Company history

Company history

December 2002 - Foundation

Melior Laser Ltd. was founded with 4 employees and started operating in Budapest in rented premises

September 2003 - First laser machine

We bought our first own machine, a 4kW Trumatic L3030 laser cutting machine

March 2005 - First press brake

The first press brake, an AMADA HFP 100.3L type started production

September 2008 - New manufacturing plant

We moved to our new, modern manufacturing plant near Budapest, in Biantorbágy

November 2008 - New logo

Following the latest trends we renew our logo

December 2009 - Economical crisis

Turnover decreased with 20% compared to 2007, though by better work organisaton we managed without dismissing staff

April 2010 - Deburring machine

An Ernst automatic deburring machine was bought. The increase in machinery and staff made it necessary to inspect the company and as a result, a new, more effective organisation structure was introduced

October 2011 - First combined laser-puch machine

In order to expand services we purchased our first Trumpf laser-punch combined machine

November 2011 - ISO certification

As a step in our quality development we acquired ISO 9001 certification

March 2012 - New ERP system

A new ERP system (InforCom) was introduced. The system supports all business processes within the company resulting in more effective and efficient operations thus ensuring the improving competitiveness of the company

January 2013 - 10 year anniversary

The whole year was devoted to the celebration of the 10 year anniversery of Melior Laser. It included a series of events and a logo change for that year

April 2013 - 3D measuring machine

The measuring room got better equipped with a new, Wenzel 3D measuring machine which allows a much faster quailty control

June 2014 - Bisnode rating

Melior Laser is among the elite firms of Hungary - only the most reliable and stable companies are entitled to the AAA rating by Bisnode, the Swedish business information company

April 2015 - Plant expansion I.

As the first step of our complex technological development, transformation and expansion are carried out. The Melior plant was expanded with an industrial gallery, where all the light assebmly work was moved.

April - November 2017 - Plant expansion II.

The second phase of our site extension was completed by enlarging our sheet metal favrication production hall. The area of ​​the existing hall wasincreased by an additional 900m2

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