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Special audio technology project

Reels prepared with laser cutting are built in the renewed Pioneer and Akai tape recorders thereby ensuring the quality sound.

Laser cutting of reels is carried out for Dragon Audio Technology who renews reel tape recorders, produces new products and accessories. These reels are made of metal only (1,0- 1,2 mm aluminium), without adding any plastic material. This is to avoid rattling noises on the recordings caused by electrostatic discharges.

After laser cutting the reels undergo grinding, simple cutting, anodising, screen printing and assembly at the manufacturer before reaching final form.

An important requirement is that the surface must be intact, free of damage after laser cutting. Surface scratches , damages make the semi-parts impossible to use, these scratches cannot be corrected. Our client experimented with many other fabricators till found the right supplier.

Laser cut tape recorder reels with scrach-free surface   Lasercut tape recorder reels with scratch-free surface

Pioneer black tape recorder  Pioneer  tape recorder

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