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Grinding metal parts of reflecting surface

Grinding the reflecting surface of the metal parts resulted in considerable time saving for our customer in the electonics manufacturing industry.

Problem to solve: the customer's own available material was with a reflecting surface. One option was to order new material with prepolished surface. However, it would not have been cost effective considering the small batch size, not to mention that our partner could not afford waiting for longer time for the raw material because of its own tight delivery dates.

The solution was the grinding we offered , thus the 1-2 week raw material delivery date was replaced with a 1-2 day processing delivery saving a great amount of time for our customer.

The exact task was to grind the reflecting surface of the 2,5 mm thick 1.4016-os raw material, perpendicular to the long axes of the part. With the use of the K320-grit abrasive an aesthetic, scratch-proof surface is achieved. It is not possible to remove the deeper damages so great attention has to be paid to surface protection before and after the grinding. Before grinding protecting foil, after grinding we used paper packaging for the protection.

It was a customer requirement that the embossed markings at the apertures could still be visible after the processing. As the grinding causes less then 0,1 mm change in thickness, we could meet this requirement. Because of the size of the part and the dimension of the grinding the grinding of the surface had to be carried out with a template. The size of the part was ideal for this.

Sheet metal part before grinding     Sheet metal part after grinding


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