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Maximum protection - criteria of packing sheet metal parts

Customers would like to receive their sheet metal parts by all means on the required deadline, intact. A very important condition to this is the right packaging.

If a poorly wrapped pallet of parts gets damaged during transport or unloading, all value added sheet metal processing - laser cutting, bending, punching, grinding and surface treatment -  only leads to waste. Therefore it is particularly important to protect the sheet metal parts when being delivered and stored, especially during a longer, even overseas shipment, when increased delivery time and extreme conditions can be expected. 

Foil packaging of sheet metal parts

During the nearly 1 year behind us, the production of newly released sheet metal conditions imposed new packaging methods on us. In order to proctect the parts new packaging methods are used applying material never used before as well as taking into consideration maximum environment protection. 

In cases where individual needs are to be satisfied we rely on the expertise of partners from the packaging industry, who help us  in the design and construction of custom packaging. We strive to protect components during production and delivery in an economical and practical way.

Storing of packing material in the sheet metal fabrication plant of Melior Laser

Not to mention the fact that the parts must be given appropriate protection right till the end of manufacturig processes, thus ensuring the in-process preservation in case of semi-finished parts. For example parts must be proctected until they get surface treatment.

Recently introduced packaging material:
- polystyrene packaging dividers and spacers
- PADPAK crampled paper and divider
- spacer cushion

Selecting the most appropriate method of packing and designing the packaging for a certain type of sheet metal part requires careful consideration as basic requirements must be met such as:

- complying completely with the specifications given by the customer
- maximising the preservation, surface protection and cleanliness of the products
- cost-effectivenes of packaging - creating manageable sized units which can be delivered
- usage of environmentally-friendly material

Moreover there are a number of aspects which should also be examined before sheet metal packaging desing including:

- unit or bulk packaging is needed
- considering the capacity of means of transport
- a one-way or a multiple use of the packing material is possible 
- use of material by way of transportation, e.g. sea transport must be protected from salty humid air 
- increased mechanical protection in case of collection freight
- packaging material should be simple to use minimising the working time 
- special sizes and custom packaging can be realised at considerable cost
- universal packaging which can be used for several products

 In case of already existing product types it is possible to improve product packaging in order to satisfy the increased requirements.

Beside the knowledge and application of new packaging methods and processes a very important factor is smooth customer communication. We have to get proper information from the customer how the sheet metal parts are unpacked, handled and moved at their site/factory before building them into the end product.
If we are in possession of all these information succes is guaranteed: the right part in the right packaging gets intact to its destination.



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