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Useful tips for preparing a sheet metal fabrication RFQ

The request for quote (RFQ) is the key element to the supplier selection process. Who will be the winning supplier? That is decided by the purchasing department based on the answers given to the RFQ. Therefore it does matter what kind of information we ask and receive in order to create an accurate and competitive offer and to avoid any future misunderstandings and problems during production.

The RFQ usually consists of various documents with the aim of getting the price for sheet metal parts to be manufactured and sheet metal fabrication services. The RFQ package may include the dimensional technical drawings of the parts, material lists, requests regarding quality, specifications, first sample information, terms and conditions, etc.  So the RFQ package may contain all information which is necessary to meet future production requirements.

However, the most important and indisposable element of the inquiry is the dimensional technical drawing.
The attached drawing should include the following information:

  • - material tpye, quality
  • - material thickness
  • - surface specifications (polish, grain direction, scratch-free, foiled,etc.)
  • - tolerance
  • - scale
  • - surface treatment, if requested (colour code, structure, thickness, etc.)

You might be wondering whether one really need to compose such detailed RFQ. This is necessary because our engineering team carries out a manufacturability study already in this phase, during which production processes are analysed to see if the desired part can actually be manufactured. Also, if necessary, we can propose modifications which could lead a more cost effective production. Last but not least that way we can set a realistic, accurate lead time for the sheet metal part.

If any important information is missing from the drawing, during the offer process our colleagues consult with the customer and collect the missing data.

Example of an incorrect drawing which is in hand- drawn and contains little information:

Sheet metal part drawing difficult to use for an offer

An example to acomplete, easily used dimensional drawing:

An example for a good, complete dimensional drawing


Dimensional technical drawings:

It is detailed below exactly what file types we expect as part of the RFQ package.

• *.dxf,*.dwg

dxf, dwg sheet metal part drawing sample

The best available formats for not too complicated parts (2D). It matters what kind of program is used for saving, e.g. a  *.dxf file saved with a drawing program (coreldraw) cannot be used.

• *.pdf

pdf dimensional sheet metal drawing

Can be used as an additional document for *.dxf,*.dwg,*.step,*.iges files.
When only such format is available, we have to create the CAD model for the manufacturing, which can mean additional cost.

• *.jpeg,*.tiff
see as to *.pdf

• *.step,*.iges


It is essential for more complex (3D) sheet metal parts, but technical drawing is necessary too (e.g. *.pdf)




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