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Mechanical and laser sheet metal fabrication on one metal part - video

Watch our new sheet metal fabrication video about a work where combining the lasercutting with mechanical fabrication processes significant cost saving can be achieved due to the shorter production time. 


In the film we present a sheet metal part made of 1.0330 cold rolled steel of 3,0 mm thickness undergoing laser cutting, punching and bending before getting its final form.

The first problem we faced during the order that the raw material had to meet the strickest quality requirements: the thickness tolerance must be within +/-0,15 mm, axial flatness must be less then 0,25 mm.

When designing the fabrication process one of the primer considerations is cost effectiveness. In this case it is reached with combining the lasercutting with mechanical fabrication processes as the time saving and  increasing the machine processing rate there is a significant saving of processing time (using the combined thechnology norm time of the part is decreased with 3 minutes) and it means cost saving for the customer. The combined processings are carried out with a Trumpf Trumatic 3000 punch-laser machine. The 3,00 mm thickenss is the upper limit which can be processed on this combined machine.

Combining laser cutting and mechanical processings:
The major contours on the part are lasercut. Before the laser cutting formings are prepared with tools from Trumatic 3000 machine's tool magazine. Thread punching, oval and circular sinking and marking are done on the sheet metal part.

The last operation is the bending, when in 3-4 steps the part gets its final form and final bending dimensions. In order to maintain the continuity our operators work by fixed tooling instructions, with dimension check and data recording based on series-size.

For reaching additional time savings we introduced the use of wireless measuring devices in the product control and recording. When using these devices the operators do not have to spend time with writing down the data as they are forwarded by the device to via wireless system to a central computer.

(In the film the music from Chris Zabriskie title The Life and Death of a Certain is allowed based on the following: Creative Commons (


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