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Labeling electronic sheet metal components with printing - video

Watch our latest sheet metal fabrication video where we show the labeling/printing of an electronic sheet metal part. Please see the details of the printing job after the film.


In the film the labeling of an electronic sheet metal part can be seen. This component will be a mounted holder after the labeling and the PEM procedure.
The raw material is 1,5 mm thick DC01 steel, which after the sheet metal fabrication process (laser cutting and bending) was galvanised. The surface is very aesthetic and corrosion resistant.

The marks' characters  are 2mm in size, made with black ink. The customer specifically required that the labeling should be durable, indelible and aceton resistant.
In order to preserve the state of the part and the print a simple, general packaging is enough, in our case we prepare carboard box units. After the last process step the part undergo a final quality check when we control the quality of the print too. The sheet metal part in this condition is already suitable for end use, for building in.

About the printing process:
The print was made with a PrintoLUX-FB-140/3000Plus printer. Its working range is 140mm x 300mm x 500mm (HxWxL). The resolution is: max . 5760x1440 dpi. The printing is made with a water-based PLX-Spec ink.
Before printing the part must be wiped with a special pre-treatment fluid in order to prevent the ink from bleeding thus ensuring the sharpness of the printing contour. After that the print is applied to the surface with inkjet technology. Finally the printing is fixed in a heat treating unit on a temperature and time depending on the raw material. When the temperature is high enough the water evapourates and the ink chemically bonds to the surface ensuring exceptional durability.

The print is UV resistant, abrasion resistant, aceton resistant and moderately resistant to the environmental impacts meeting with the requirements of the electronic industrial sector. This labeling system is suitable mainly for labeling/printing small and medium size series even in colour format. It is primarily used for complex sheet metal parts for the electronic industry (e.g. elekcronic covers, labeling the location of connectors and switches). 

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