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Complex sheet metal fabrication job for the energy sector

While working in sheet metal fabrication it is often the case that we can closely work together with our customers already in the design phase.
It happenned too in the complex sheet metal part production descibed below. Still in the construction design and feasibility planning phase through technical consultations our engineering team together with the Customer jointly developed the final construction of the sheet metal part to be manufactured.

The end product of the complex sheet metal fabrication task described in this blog article, a control cabinet, will be used in the renewable energy sector.

Lasercut and bent sheet metal parts waiting to be powder painted

A number of important customer critera had to be taken into consideration during manufacturing the sheet metal part made of galvanised steel (DX51DZ275 MAC), e.g. reducing the weight of the part as well as the increased corrosion resistance due to the outdoor usage of the part. Thus in the consultation phase together with the Customer we modified the requested 2mm thickness to be 1,5mm and also we suggested the galvanised material to be powder painted/surface treated after manufacturing the part. During manufacturing a few other elements with the same surface treatment will be connected to the control cabinet. Because of the outdoor usage the part must meet further overall aesthetic requirements.

The ready powder painted complex sheet metal parts

Series production, which means 2000-3000 pcs/year, could be started right after the fisrt sample production and customer qualitfication. The complexity of the task partly lies in the several sheet metal fabrication technologies applied:laser cutting of galvanised steel, bending, PEM, stud welding and riveting. Finally the last operational step is powder coating and the component is already ready-made, it requires no further manufacturing. Partly we can speak about complexitiy as it is a unit consisting of many other similar parts
In order to be able to deliver the sheet metal parts to the customer intact and sratch-free the proper packaging of the sheet metal parts after manufacturing is essential. In our case because of the powder paint a more strict packaging method had to be followed (foil packaging and space-filling packaging) so as to avoid the possible scratchings, surface damage during transport.


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