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Sheet metal parts from Melior in M1RA racing car

Sheet metal fabricated parts manufactured my Melior with laser cutting are built in a racing car, in the Honda of M1RA team, to be more precise.
At the end of April there was a request from one of the engineers of M1RA team to manufacture sheet metal parts with laser cutting for their racing car. We have completed several similar tasks; we supported many university racing car projects in the past years. (Read more about these: Support to university race car project and Sheet metal parts from Melior in another university racing car project.)
We are happy to take part such projects, thus we were eager to work with M1RA too.

2, A few words about M1RA M1RA racing cars on the track
The racing team founded this March by the well-known Hungarian racing driver Norbert Michelisz started off this season in TCR, the international touring car racing series with 2 drivers. M1RA team lead by Dávid Bári too, competes with two Honda Civic Type R cars. In the team, which is primarily founded for talent management, the 17 year old promising talent Attila Tassi already got his place. Behind the other car's wheel is Roberto Colciago, a well-experienced Italian.
M1RA team has participated already in 4 competitions. Their drivers are in 2nd and 4th positions in overall.

3, Sheet metal parts fabricated by Melior
„The manufactured parts are ballast weights. We get such parts from the car manufacturer too. However, we wanted to adjust the weight distribution of the car more precisely. Laser cutting was chosen because it is fast and very precise, so we got several parts with different weights and different sheet thicknesses from one model.” – said Dániel Boriszov, an engineer at M1RA.

Fixing the sheet metal fabricated part in the racing car
The so-called ballast weights, which ensure the stability of the car were manufactured from S355 Laser MC type raw material. This is a special type of steel alloy developed for laser cutting with exactly the same density as of the normal steel. Thus this choice was also ideal for M1RA team, since it was essential to them to maintain the precisely set weight. Using this special material as well as applying "small type contour cutting” could we only ensure that the ø10mm holes and cuttings in the 15mm thick part are regular and have a perfect side surface. The part was fabricated with the TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Classic TLF5000t flat bad laser cutting machine of Melior Laser, which is an ideal choice for fast, presice and cost effective fabrication of thick sheets.
At the Monza stop of TCR series on 13-14 May these new Melior fabricated parts were used in one of the M1RA racing cars. On the first day of the race M1RA drivers got 1st and 2nd place and on the second day they came 2nd and 9th. (Attila Tassi fought his way up from position 17 after a crash at the start).

The Hungarian race will be held 1- 2 July on Hungaroring and the team now is working hard to launch a 3rd racing car driven possibly by the owner, Norbert Michelisz.

Go go M1RA!

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