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Simpler series machining of sheet metal fabricated parts quickly and accurately - video

Another series machining of sheet metal parts was filmed from an unusual angle as the camera was placed inside the CNC milling machine. These stainless steel fabricated parts will be completed with these sinkings, chamferings and grooves.


The following machining operations can be seen in the video from close up: 

In the case of the first sheet metal part we make two sinkings differing in sizes (D8,5 and D11,4 diameters), both with the same tool. Material quality: DC01, thickness 3mm.  We can process 12 parts at the same time on the working tablet. The parts are fixed with a magnet.  Thus the replacement time of the parts will drop drastically, as no screwing for fixing is necessary.

As for the second sheet metal part (from approx. 30 sec in the video)  the laser-cut holes are being sunk in two different sizes (D13 mm and D10 mm in diameter), which is also performed by the same tool. In the next step, the R1.5 rounding is done around the contour. This rounding is done on both sides of the part after turning it over. As a result the rounding is better in both accuracy and quality than doing this operational step manually, by hand-polishing. Machining is done using the vacuum for fixing the parts to the table. This way we can process 2 sheet metal parts at a time.
Finally, on the third component grooves are made with a 5 mm end mill. The grooves are 7 mm wide and 13 mm long. Then a 1.5 mm deep sinking is also made for the grooves, which are 11 mm wide and 17 mm long.
The customer requested a 30 ° chamfer on one side of the part; on the film one can see how the tool is going along the contour and preparing the chamfer.
As a last step, a general chamfer is made to the aforementioned grooves with a size of 0.2x45 °.  As a last step, a general chamfer is made to the grooves with a size of 0.2x45 °.
The above detailed machining steps were carried out with an NCT EmR-1200D CNC milling center, which enriches our sheet metal fabrication machinery from April. The milling machine is a major step forward in terms of both quality and speed as compared to the manual operations done previously.

Read more about the milling machine: NCT EmR-1200D type CNC milling machine

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