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Embossing sheet metal fabricated part on a Trumpf combined punch-laser machine - video

In this sheet metal fabrication video an embossing operation step is done on a Trumpf 6000 Trumatic combined punch-laser machine is shown as well as contour laser cutting. For the embossing a special continuous tool is used.


Our latest sheet metal fabrication work was manufacturing a part (raw material is cold rolled 1.0330 - DC01 steel, 1.5 mm thick) by laser cutting, punching/embossing and bending.  We carried out a rather rare processing step during manufacturing: embossing. This meant embossing pressure/stiffening ribs of 14.5 mm wide and 5 mm high into the sheet metal part.
The ribs are embossed in this case by an overlapping method. To do this, a special continuous tool was used on our TRUMPF Trumatic 6000 combined punch-laser machine. Normally roller tools are used for this kind of forming. However, with cost-effectiveness in mind, which meant reducing the tool cost to 0, we recommended the overlapping method to our customer with a tool selected as best suited to such formatting. It is important that the overlapping does not have any visible traces on the ribs.
After embossing the next step was the contour laser cutting of the part on the same combined punch-laser machine. The last important operation step was bending. The challenge here was the R80 bending radius. Thanks to the reliability of our AMADA pressing brakes and the skillful bending operators this was solved with a total of 35 bending steps. There is no noticeable trace of the steps on the surface either. The production of one part (punching, laser cutting and bending) takes less than 5 minutes.

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