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Introduction of custom sheet metal part production projects for industrial engineers and purchasers

In this sheet metal fabrication video an embossing operation step is done on a Trumpf 6000 Trumatic combined punch-laser machine is shown as well as contour laser cutting. For the embossing a special continuous tool is used.
This time we filmed an interesting bending project. The challenge was given by the shape of the sheet metal part. With an imaginative solution we could bend the parts more accurately and more economically.
Another series machining of sheet metal parts was filmed from an unusual angle as the camera was placed inside the CNC milling machine. These stainless steel fabricated parts will be completed with these sinkings, chamferings and grooves.
In the new sheet metal fabrication video we present our latest purchase, a CNC milling machine. The serial-drilling of steel sheet metal parts was filmed. Fast, precise and aesthetic!

Our recent sheet metal fabrication film shows the production of a complex sheet metal part package consisting of 12 types of different parts. During the work the tight deadline and the diversity and quantity of the parts set quite a challenge for our team. 

Watch our latest sheet metal fabrication video where we show the labeling/printing of an electronic sheet metal part. Please see the details of the printing job after the film.

Watch our new sheet metal fabrication video about a work where combining the lasercutting with mechanical fabrication processes significant cost saving can be achieved due to the shorter production time. 

Grinding metal parts of reflecting surface

Monday, 29 October 2012 00:00

Grinding the reflecting surface of the metal parts resulted in considerable time saving for our customer in the electonics manufacturing industry.

Published in October 2012

The production of this sheet metal part is carried out on a combined punch-laser machine and gives an excellent example of how to take full advantage of the combination. We prepared a short film about this sheet metal processing.

Published in June 2013

Sheet metal part for furniture product

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 13:04

For some customers e.g. in the furniture industry it is very important that the sheet metal parts meet the most strict aesthetic requirements. Sheet metal fabrication video.

Published in October 2013

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