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Frequently asked questions



Frequently asked questions

The following listed questions and answers we very often come across during our everyday work.


What processing technologies do we have? 
Laser cutting, punching, sheet metal bending, grinding, pressing in fastening elements, welding,machining, galvanizing, powder coating (in cooperation).


What types of material can be cut?
Carbon steels, galvanized and aluzinc plates, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and brass.


What is the max. bending length and thickness regarding sheet bending?
The max. bending length is 3000mm. Carbon steel: in case of 3000mm bending  length the max. bending thickness is 4 mm, in case of max 300mm bending length the max bending thickness is 8mm.


Which e-mail address the enquires and orders should be sent to?
The enquires can be sent via the form on our website, or both can be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.

What types of information should be given for fast order processing?
  • Drawing with dimensions in *.pdf *.dxf *.dwg *.dft formats
    (with dimensions and aspect ratio for production possibly of the part itself not of the assembly, layout drawing)
  • Material thickness and raw material quality
  • Surface characteristics (polished, brushed, grain, powder coating with RAL number, other surface treatments)
  • Drawing with tolerances (in the cases if it differs from ISO 2768 m standard)
  • In case of complex parts 3D model (in the case of complex bent parts it can replace the drawing)
  • Name of the part

Do we have an ERP system?
Yes, we installed InforCOM ERP system at the beginning of 2013.


Do we have experience in exporting sheet metal parts?
Yes, we deliver not only to the EU, but also directly to the USA.


Are we ISO certified?
Yes, we are MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009  certified, under the MS 1124-062 registration number.


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