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Punching design information

What should we pay attention to when designing/drawing a sheet metal part to be produced with punching?

Punching operations:

  • piercing
  • perforating
  • notching
  • sinking
  • nibbling
  • lancing

When designing a sheet metal product the first and foremost thing is to keep in mind the characteristics of the material to be processed. 


  • for forming only those dimensions should be given that are important and required
  • the height of forming must not exceed 23mm from the bottom of the plate
  • if possible, format only upwards from the bottom 


Main types of forming:

SinkingPunching type: sinking

  • can be done from both dimensions
  • the bevel angel should be 60-120°
  • it is a non-circular sinking and feasable
  • it cannot be fully continuous


Embossing Punching type: embossing

  • can be circular or a profle
  • if it is a profile, a min. 3-4 x sheet thickness radius should be designed and the angles should be as small as possible (max. 45°)
  • the height measured from sheet top to sheet top should not exceed the 3 x sheet thickness distance
  • a distance of 12mm should be left between two embossings


Thread punchingPunching type: thread punching

  • max. 2-2,5 x sheet thickness can be achieved
  • a distance of 6x sheet thickness should be left between two thread punchings
  • a distance of min. 3-4 x sheet thickness is recommended from the edge of the sheet


MarkingPunching type: marking

  • can be letters, numbers, logos and symbols
  • can be from below or above


 Picture source: PASS STANZTECHNIK AG (http://www.pass-ag.com)

Punching tools

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