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Take the tour of a sheet metal part from the RFQ right to the packaging and delivery. By making our processes transparent we would like to help you in supplier selection.

1. Request for quote

Melior Laser customer serviceAfter the first contact, which can be made by phone, mail or in person, you send us your RFQ to be thoroughly evaluated by our sales engineer colleagues.

In order to be able to calculate we request drawing files with *. pdf, *.dxf or *.dwg including dimensions. For a faster quotation process it is important that the RFQ includes all necessary information and dimensions. In case of complex bent components we can make the calculation based on 3D models with *stp extensions too.

2. Design

Sheet metal part design, programmingIf your request is for a complex task/project work we cooperate with you not only in technological processing but also if needed, in planning/designing adjusted to the production. In these cases after approval of 3D documentation we document the product with part drawings.

3. Quote

Quotation for sheet metal fabricationWe prepare your quote in our production management system (ERP Infor.com) where raw material quantity and the technology order are set up. Our sales engineer colleague, where possible, gives a suggestion for a more economical and simple production. The prepared quotation is detailed as requested, even broken down to raw material cost, processing costs, surface treatment, packaging and delivery cost. Prototype production cost is also given if requested. This can greatly assist you in making the purchasing decision.

4. Order

Sheet metal fabrication service orderWhen accepting our offer you submit your order by e-mail.

For quick processing we ask for the final drawing with dimensions, *.pdf, *.dxf, or *.dwg format, or a 3D *.stp model (if these were not sent with the RFQ, or were changed meanwhile). In addition to the dimensions please, if possible, provide us the material thickness, material quality as well as the surface treatment, surface characteristics (polished, ground, powder coated, eg.).

Our customer service confirms the order specifying the delivery date and value.

5. Order process, preparation, programming

Manufacturing programs at Melior LaserOur programming engineer colleagues process your order. All orders are added to our ERP system database. Besides defining the manufacturing process we also select the appropriate processing equipment capable of carrying out the production with the given parameters taking into consideration the cost effectiveness, capacity and special customer requests.

Manufacturing programs are created based on the drawings and critical parameters are defined which must be checked during production by the machine operators and the quality controllers. The production card is for the machine operators containing all the necessary information for production.During the technological preparation we aim to meet the conditions of maximum efficiency and accuracy.

The documentation is stored on our server in accordance with our internal documentation system storage specifications. In addition to the customers’ drawing, the internal production documentation and drawings are stored.

6. Production

Quality control at Melior LaserThe manufacturing processes are carried out under the guidelines set in advance, based on the production supporting documentation.This includes the CNC program files, material quality, quantity and the packaging instructions which allows each component to be prepared exactly according to your specifications. At each work process step the machine operators carry out their work according to this instruction.

As part of the quality assurance process qualitative and quantitative control points are inserted during manufacturing for the operators and the quality controllers.

In order to meet the quality requirements our staff after each technological step measures and records the manufactured items with frequency adjusted to batch size.

7. Laser cutting

Laser cutting at Melior LaserUsually the first processing step is laser cutting or punching. In most cases laser cutting is a preferred solution to conventional cutting technologies because of the low set up and tooling costs. Moreover laser cutting gives a high quality cutting surface which normally does not require any additional work. With our machinery which consists of 3 pcs of 2D laser cutting machines and a combined punch-laser machine, several types of metal’s processing is possible.

The modern combined punch-laser machine can carry out embossing, tapping, sinking, nibbling, etc. This machine is a fast and economical production solution especially when making big series.

8. Bending

Bending at Melior LaserAfter being cut the parts undergo a bending operation. For this task we have 4 pcs of Amada press brakes. Products in different sizes (even of 3000mm length) can be bent with these machines. The great tool selection ensures the most accurate executions of complicated bends.

9. Fastening insertion

Fastening insertion to sheet metal components at Melior LaserAn integral part of the manufacturing process is the insertion of different fasteners (nuts, bolts, spacers, etc.). Wide range of fasteners can be inserted with our new Haeger type fastener. This machine is equipped with automatic feeding system and tool changer thereby the processing time shortens.

10. Tapping, welding

Drilling to sheet metal component az Melior LaserComplement to our sheet metal processing the parts undergo tapping, stud welding, spot welding, TIG or MIG according whatever it is you need.

11. Surface treatment

Deburring at Melior Laser As a result of the different processings uneven surfaces, discolouration or burrs may occur on the parts. In such cases or if aesthetic aspects are particularly important for you, deburring, rounding off, grinding, oxidfilm removal of the parts are possible with our automatic deburring machine.

The last processing step for significant portion of the parts is the surface treatment, whether it is powder spraying, galvanizing or anodising. These treatments are done by our supplier partners. Our strict requirements to these suppliers and our quality control too ensures the perfect surface and finish.

12. Packaging

Packaging sheet metal components at Melior LaserThe finished parts go through a final quantity and quality control before delivered to you. The inspected parts are carefully packed and labelled so that they can get to you intact. If needed we can provide special packaging which can protect the products of particularly vulnerable shape or material during delivery.

13. Delivery

Delivery services at Melior LaserWe take care of the fast and accurate delivery of your product whether it is a domestic or international destination via freight delivery partners..

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